Human Renovation

universe-humanHuman Renovation is here to uncover and restore the universe inside you.

The Human Story

Our universe?  It is our story.  However, so often our story is buried under a thousand layers of old beliefs, outdated labels, harsh categories, harmful events, and hoarded junk.

Human Renovation is a new concept intent on restoring the human story back to its once glorious design and purpose.

The Joy of Renovation

Drawing upon the rich and dynamic history humans have had in renovating many things in our life and world, Human Renovation focuses on the human.  Great resources are spent on renovation.  The old is made new, that the drab is made colorful, the unused is re-purposed, and the run-down is restored.  These efforts make us feel good.  We take great delight in the process and accomplishment when done.


Human Renovation simply asks, “Why not renovate our own lives and story?  Does your story need a bit of fixing up right now?  The great thing is you do not need to be a fixer upper or handyperson to get the job done!  The one thing needed is desire.  Human Renovation will hopefully tap into your desire and send you on a journey of discovery and growth.


We offer three things to help you tap into your desire.

  1. A HumanBlog to help explore the character and quality of the human story.
  2. A HumanStore so you can display the underlying character and quality of the human story in a fun and creative way.
  3. HumanSessions can be booked so that you can talk with someone qualified to listen and help you reflect on your story.

Thank you for being here, we are here with you.

Mark Elder

Founder, Human Renovation